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Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 10:25 am

I join! The old Subaru in particular are often disproportionately expensive!

I know that myself from the youngtimer area: The car is 15 years old, but only ran 60tkm. You then hope that you will almost get a young used car, as if it were 2-3 years old, and everything is great ... It is offered for such a price - as if everything were perfect!

Unfortunately, this hope is deceptive, time will not go by without a trace - unless it has been regularly tended with a duster for 15 years. That was often the case at Mercedes ...
The dealers unfortunately sell a wishful picture here, namely that the customer wishes the author was still perfect and hardly worn.

In reality, the underbody is rusty, the axle boots are cracked, the exhaust needs to be replaced. Then there is rust, because the dirt has been behind the covers for 15 years, and when the garage was made of concrete, everything was kept moist for 15 winters ...

If 2-3 topics come together, several thousand euros are lost very quickly (unless you screw and weld yourself).

I had something like that with a Mercedes gasoline engine, 8 years old and 90tkm. I also had hope that it would last up to 400tkm. Everything spoke for it. At 250tkm everything was completely worn out, contrary to all framework conditions and empirical values.

and with that I drove over the Tüv, but I was still not consistent enough. I just wanted everyone to be beautiful. In the end, it cost me several thousand euros ...

For approx. 12-13tE there are SH models with normal mileage (approx. 15tkm per year) that are only 8-9 years old. This is also the more modern platform. They're made a bit cheap inside, with all that hard plastic.

Take both of them to a test. You just slide into the Forester SH, it has an ideal height (if you like SUVs). I would not do without safety features such as xenon, ESP, better crash safety (by using a very old model).

The SH also has more space, it is available with a fantastic panoramic roof. It has a level control at the rear (at least as a comfort), so it doesn't sag on vacation trips, etc. A perfect all-round car.
I would say: Get rid of your experience or expectation that the older model is the better car. It will probably be more susceptible because all components have several additional years under their belt ...

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