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Yes, thank you.
I should have mentioned that I want to play online too. Didn't know by the way that it is so easy to crack ne ps3.

150 sounds super cheap. But does jmd have any more precise tips for me regarding storage capacity and price?

So which memory sizes are available, I don't know exactly now, but I think you can simply google it and it will then be forwarded to various forum pages.
and for the price .. as I said: the 150 were really a bargain but have a look at red strawberry and ebay etc .. I think there won't be any other tips there either, be it the i who has relatives here for sony works and can get there cheaply

So I would definitely not buy a completely new one because a) too expensive b) the used ones also completely fulfill their purpose

weclhe chars were still bugged? I mean, I haven't bugfixed the characters themselves, I've only fixed individual attacks and adjusted attack, defense, etc.

and yes, the crash is simply because of the huge size of the game and is still winmugen.
now have a new full game project for mugen 1.0 with screenshots and all the trimmings.
you can take a look at the work in progress area

mfg ARG

is enough
I want to say thank you and that I think it's really cool that so many people have already posted here.
I think this topic gives the forum a touch more `` family feeling ''

So from the memory size I can only tell you it depends entirely on whether you want your ps3 crakcne or not.
if you crack them you can borrow games from the video library and then simply drag them over to your playse ... saves a lot of money
The disadvantage of this variant, however, is that of course you have to a) save the games b) you can no longer play online with a cracked console, otherwise this could have serious consequences.

So if you would like to play online, the size of the memory is relatively irrelevant (unless you want to save videos / pictures / music etc .. on it)

and from the price I can tell you there is really '' from-to '' everything is possible .. I have a colleague who recently got used e-bay ne used with 3 games and 2 controllers for 150 and it is zero messed up or has any bugs.

the best thing to do is take a look at `` red strawberry '' under google there is a site where you can also buy fsk 18 titles used (it is via e-bay and so not in it) and in between they have cheap consoles from time to time and packages.

Otherwise, check out the usual suspects (e-bay etc ..)

hope I could help a little

yes otherwise the whole motvn stages (which also includes miju city [updated version]) can be downloaded from the pahntom G's forum.
The link can be found in the forum under '' all motvn stages online again '' just have a look at the stages are definitely made awesome

mfg Argy

what do you mean by not moving?
So that the background is not animated or what?
I think you have to describe your problem a little more precisely, otherwise we can't help you

mfg Argy

take a look at the newly created section '' reviews '' because we now have a database with all sorts of characters.
You can find the chars under the '' quick list '' there are 3 or 4 different batmans entered, one of them will tell you that.
Personally, I think Spiderbat's best .. has a really cool gameplay and still looks like the old batman comic episodes

hope I could help

hey do you want to make a complete game of your own (i.e. make a screenpack and everything yourself) or have you downloaded a screenpack and chars and just want to have an intro / logo?

you can change the logo here

open your system.def file in the data folder and change the following line:

logo.storyboard =
and just write the name of the logo file behind it, for example. '' loading.def ''

(if you find one .. the best is if you watch a couple of youtube videos from screenpacks and then look at the logos there and then download the screenpack and simply install the logo from the screenpack .. unfortunately there are hardly any individual logos to download )

hope I could help

So due to the many chars out there, it is of course difficult to decide which ones to put in the database (it should still be reasonably clear).
You can suggest newcomers in this topic.
Please say why exactly this character has to be in the database, e.g.
(especially rare, good gameplay, good sprites, the only Kratos who is online etc.)

so if you've found something cool (you can also post chars from the '' Found '' forum)
you can post the char or the link to the '' found '' topic of the character and I will then create a gif. and the corresponding entry in the database.

Why isn't the found area enough?

very simple .. because this is supposed to be a pure database and it is damn clearer than reading through all the topics of the found board for half an hour when searching for char.
in addition, you can quickly find your character again in case your computer crashes or the disk has to be involuntarily formatted.

so I hope you all have a lot of fun with the new forum area and diligently post the characters you have found

Sorted by Internet pages

CVG United's Hosted Characters: http://cvgunited.com/index.php?action=downloads

Agony Beta v.75 by TeamOmegaPwnageSupreme
Angel by Arkadyand aa250
Aquaman v1.5 by ZVitor
Archangel by SOS_1_bros, aa250, Arkady
Atom by AngelEcks
Azrael by JasonTodd, ZVitor, and SpiderMew
B.Orchid by ahrimanes
Bane by Jmaxximus and ALEXZIQ
Batgirl by THX1138 and ZVitor
Batman by Spiderbat and ALEXZIQ
Batman Beyond by Spiderbat and ALEXZIQ
Black Adam by Doom and Trexrell
BloodRayne by Green
Captain Marvel by Jason Todd, deanjo2000, and Devsman
Commissioner Gordon by SeanAltly and REDZ
Darkseid by spiderbat
Duke Nukem by TeamOmegaPwnageSupreme
Elongated Man by Jhonny DC
Firestar by jhfer
Firestorm by jhfer
Flash by Erradicator, Egoless, and Phantom
Green Arrow v2.0 by ZVitor
Green Arrow Classic by ZVitor and Jason Todd
Green Lantern, John Stewart by wil.li.an and ZVitor
Guy Gardner, Green Lantern by Warecus, ALEXZIQ, Jason Todd, and Erradicator
Harley Quinn By Batzarro and ALEXZIQ
Hercules by andersontavars
Iron Patriot by andersontavars
Isabella Valentine by Green
Isaiah Bradley Beta v0.7 by Cormano and Zvitor
Jean Gray by ComedyHaHa, joancarlo, and Femrril
Joker by ALEXZIQ
JSA Flash by madcook, GMSpectre, and Jason Todd
Lara Croft by Yin
Magneto by aa250
Martian Manhunter by JhonnyDC
Metallo by DrVictorVonDoom
Metal Slug boss by vladnesas
Mr. Fantastic by ZVitor
Multiple Man by SOS_1_Bros, Arkady, and aa250
Omega Red by aa250
Red Tornado by JhonnyDC and JasonTodd
Robin by Jasontodd, ALEXZIQ and the LOTDK team
Shocker by BigPimp, Arkady, and aa250
Silver Surfer by TeamOmegaPwnageSupreme
Spawn by The Arlequin and Team CVG
Spiderman by Zvitor
Steel by Bizarro_Toro
Supergirl by Toni
Super Skrull (MVC) by bdc and cravd
Super Skrull (Shi'ar Invasion) by bdc
Ten by daraku and alexbunton87
The Question by JasonTodd, ALEXZIQ, and Team Spoiler
Viewtiful Joe by Near and Nestor
Vixen by Trexrell and Yin
Wonderman by ZVitor, Jason Todd, and Daraku

Bishop by Wucash
Captain America by MystikBlaze
Captain America, Ultimate by Sic-1
Captain America Bucky Barnes by Verz, Alienmorph, and Magus
Captain Marvel by MICROmor & 5k0rX
Carnage by Seth Quarrel
Crystal by Magus, Smogon & Jeff
Darkseid by Isela and Twinimage
Darkseid by Wucash
Dr. Doom by Juan Carlos (R.I.P.) updated by Tachan
Electro by Verz36
Etrigan by Wucash
Ghost Rider by Wucash
Iceman by Splode and Aivar
Iron Man by Magus
Jill from Resident Evil by Magus
Joker by Larramones, JeffPR & Magus
Mongul by JeffPR & Magus
Morph by The Anvil and Magus
Namor by SGM Team and Zvitor
Nightwing by Mu & McCready
Plastic Man by Mambojambo
Sandman by Loganir & McCready
Silver Surfer by Isela & Wucash
Spiderman by Seth Quarrel
Spiderman 2099 by Medrops
Starfire by HyperCombinationFinish
Superboy by Seth Zankuthen & Titan Goku
Superman by Kal Elvis and Hannibal
Thor by Loganir
Venom Scorpion by Useless, Toxin, and Magus
Vulture by Hobgoblin and Wucash
Wildcat by JeffPR and Magus
Wonder Woman by Loganir

http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=6137c08f94a0a3d30d428c4a089f9196d55e197f959290bd -> Page2-> MVC2
Blackheart by Kong
Cable by Kong
Captain America by Kong
Colossus by Kong
Cyclops by Kong
Dr. Doom by Kong
Gambit by Kong
Hulk by Kong
Iceman by Kong
Iron Man by Kong
Juggernaut by Kong
Marrow by Kong
Mega Man by Kong
Omega Red by Kong
Psylocke by Kong
Rogue by Kong
Sabretooth by Kong
Sentinel by Kong
Shuma Gorath by Kong
Silver Samurai by Kong
Spiral by Kong
Storm by Kong
Strider Hiryu by Kong
Thanos by Kong
Venom by Kong
War Machine by Kong
Wolverine by Kong

Banshee by Acey & Killacroc
Batman by the Infinity Mugen Team and Community
Captain Marvel by Acey & eSkRo
Captain Mar-Vell by Acey and Iron Fist
Galactus N64Mario, kalangueb and Excursion
Green Arrow v1.0 by ZVitor
Green Goblin by Acey
Hobgoblin by DarkTalbain, Susan Mugen, and Acey
Hulk 2099 by Acey and R @ ce45
Human Torch by xboy & Acey
Incredible Hulk by Acey
Maskless Wolverine by The Anvil, Acey, and Kong
Ms. Marvel by Ultraroboninja and ZVitor
Psylocke by Sabaki
Sentry by Acey
Silver Surfer by Xboy and Acey
Spiderman, Amazing by Sludge, Acey, and Jason Todd
Symbiote Onslaught by Excursion & Stever76
The Punisher by Apocalypse, Excursion, and WuCash

Apocalypse by OnslaughtX & Kung Fu Man
Blackheart by Sunboy
Cable by Cloudius
Colossus by Cloudius
Cyclops by Sunboy
Death Adder by Mike Obrecht
Hulk by One Winged Angel
Jill from Resident Evil by Big Eli King
Juggernaut by Splode
Magneto by Sunboy
Mario by ShinRyoga & NeoAnhk
Psylocke by Sunboy
Rogue by Splode
Silver Samurai by Corntortillas
Storm by Sunboy
Strider Hiryu by Splode
Venom by Big Eli King
War Machine by One Wing Angel

Beast by Acey
Colossus by ZVitor
Cyclops by ZVitor
Dazzler by jr6 and Twinimage
Emma Frost by XFields, Eclipse, and ZVitor
Iceman by ZVitor
Juggernaut by Acey and ZVitor
Magneto by ZVitor and JETthePHOENIX
Mystique by ZVitor
Nightcrawler by Twinimage
Omega Red by ZVitor
Quicksilver by ZVitor and JETthePHOENIX
Sabretooth by ZVitor and Sei
Wolverine by ZVitor

Bizarro by Kal-Elvis & Buyog
Elektra XFields, Beja, and Buyog
Green Lantern, Hal Jordan by Buyog, Arque & Enzo
Ice by Buyog, Smogon, and GMSpectre
Lex Luthor by Enzo & Buyog
Lobo by Buyog
Marrow by Buyog & Ryou Win
Parasite by Buyog and JET The Phoenix
Savage Hulk by Buyog & BobStarsky
Sinestro by Larramones & Buyog
Strong Guy by McCready, Goku SSJ4, Buyog, DG

Jill from Resident Evil by Sludge
Link by Ermac Won and MICROmor
Marrow by Sludge
Megaman (Helmetless) by Etg
Onslaught by Sludge
Sabretooth by Sludge
Shuma Gorath by Sludge
Spiderman by Sludge
Venom by Sludge

Cyclops by Unkoman
Juggernaut by Unkoman
Sabretooth by Unkoman
Sentinel by Unkoman
Spiderman by Unkoman
Venom by Unkoman

Captain Falcon by GMSpectre and Kamekaze
Dr. Doom by Kamekaze
Gambit by Kamekaze
Juggernaut by Kamekaze
Sabretooth by Kamekaze

Dr. Doom by DarkCipherLucius
Gambit by DarkCipherLucius
Mega Man by DarkCipherLucius
Psylocke by DarkCipherLucius

Cloud Strife by Tony ADV
Fire by Jhonny DC
Gentleman Ghost by DrVictorVonDoom
John Stewart by Jhonny DC

Batman by Alucard
Storm by Alucard and WhiteMagic 2002
Thanos by Alucard

Hulk by Erradicator
Iron Man by Erradicator
Spiderman by Erradicator

Hulk by MGMurrow
Juggernaut by MGMurrow
Strider Hiryu by MGMurrow

Dr Doom by WhiteMagic 2002
Psylocke by WhiteMagic2002
Storm by WhiteMagic 2002

Jubilee by Intensity
Omega Red by XsLaught
Psylocke by Psi-Lord

Gladiator by Marvelvsdcu
Beast Boy by Marvelvsdcu with Buyog2099
Joker by Ahuron and MarvelvsDCU

Psylocke by Qkrtkf
Sentinel by Zolagun
Shuma Gorath by Qkrtkf

Dante by Bugya
Virgil by Bugya

Gambit v2.0 by M: Ken
Link by Mike2 and MICROmor

Onslaught by XsLaught
Sentinel by XsLaught

Magneto by Nobuyuki
Wolverine by Nobuyuki

Captain Boomerang by JasonTodd and Susan Mugen
Guy Gardner, Warrior by JasonTodd and Team Spoiler

Silver Samurai by Juan Carlos
Venom by Juan Carlos

Cable by Ryou Win
Jill by Ryou Win

Ares by cravd and animaraz
Atom by Animaraz

Luigi by Warner
The Thing by Warner

Individual websites download links:

Apocalypse by GCNMario: http://gcnmario.free.fr/
Bane by Ex-Inferis and Loganir: http://mugenexus.mgbr.net/JuntaFram.html
Batman by Cybaster: http://mugenguild.com/cybaster
Blackcat by Beja, Xfields, Mauteck, Eclipse, O Ilusionista: http://bmt.clubsyn-x-treme.net/chars-2/chars-ilusionista/blackcat/
Blackheart by Cyanide: http://www.mugenguild.com/~cyanide/
Cannonball by kalango: http://cvgunited.com/index.php/topic,8614.0.html
Cannonball by Warriorz: http://www.sendspace.com/file/l40zm6
Captain Atom by Princevegeta: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zuunzzxr3nm
Cloud Strife by Yamakichi and blood_riot_iori: http://www.4shared.com/file/78788861/af5f5035/CloudBRIedit.html
Colossus by Loki: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?t3bizyz5zkz
Cyclops by buckus: http://buckus.mugen-infantry.net/
Cyclops by Reza: http://reza.club-syndicate.net/
Deadpool by Unlimited Team and Wucash: http://unlimited.pyche.net/downloads.htm
Doomsday by ALEXZIQ and Lord Sinistro: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zwjoq2dkywz
Gambit by Luvly Angel: http://www.geocities.com/mugen_institute2/chars.htm
Gambit v1.0 by M: Ken: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nmm4ezdmjgq
Gillius Rockhead by Binho: http://mugenbinho.scruffydragon.com/
Havok by rehap & Comedy HaHa: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?iyyloiqiyz4
Hellspawn by ER and Hioushi: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jndidrmwznm
Iron Man by 1%: http://www.geocities.jp/mugen_no_iki/koukai.htm
Iron Man by Gou-San: http://ma.mgbr.net/index.php?sec=chars
Jean Gray by ComedyHaha and joancarlo: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8HALSOHZ
Jean Gray by ComedyHaha and Hsieh: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?uznmwqixy0u
Jean Gray by ComedyHaha and Hsieh, edited by Sabranigudu: http://www.4shared.com/dir/8944265/57ab83dc/sharing.html
Jill from Resident Evil by Warusaki3: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=4388aad07390a239d2db6fb9a8902bda
Leon from Resident Evil by Wow, Raposo and Danaru: http://www.wou.xpg.com.br/personagens.html
Link by RMX, Silencer, Eikichi, & Mike Werewolf: http://mike.mugen.free.fr/
Mario by 119way: http://119way.blog.163.com/blog/static/2343406200892581939586/
Mega Man by Chaotic: http://zgteam.net/reploid/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=5
Mega Man by DarkRiem: http://basara.mugen-infantry.net/Home/chars-2
Mega Man by DG: http://dg.smeenet.org/
Mega Man by Slowcar48: http://z8.invisionfree.com/The_Limit_Forum/index.php?showtopic=5069
Mega Man Volnutt by Maitake: http://www.geocities.jp/aozora302/
Namor by Hatake Kakashi: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jzjmgfmywm2
Nero by CaWO4: http://cid-dac8531ea140e94a.office.live.com/browse.aspx/nico
Polaris by Omega Red and GMSpectre: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gzntmz3dgm3
Princess Peach by EugeneQ: http://eqchronicles.com/
Psylocke by Motomachi: http://cid-5195a15d4189a4c9.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.Public
Psylocke bytJun: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3onjzzygzzl
Red-X by Lewis Sawyer and XcLusive: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8ucfo5
Rorschach by Sean Altly: http://www.sendspace.com/file/q61g4g
Sabretooth by Jin Kazama: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ozcwdzjznon
Sentinel by ER: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qhdymlyg45t
Shuma Gorath by Sludge and ゴ マ: http://jamugen.blog103.fc2.com/
Simon Belmont by Zox: http://zoxart.webs.com/
Solid Snake by Sean Altly: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lp8bt6
Sonic the Hedgehog by Claymizer: http://brandon-clay.webs.com/characters.htm
Spawn by ER, Hioushi, AI by thepacifist: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wzm2fnmxymf
Spawn by -Jo-: http://createandplay.free.fr/pages/j7.php
Spiderman by Kong and FerchogtX: http://www.mediafire.com/?ooxzimi3ttm
Spiral by Luchini: http://www.luchinimugen.hpg.com.br/spiral/spiral.htm
Squall Leonhart by Sean Altly: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1p6k5r
Strider Hiryu by Mxzero: http://www.freewebs.com/xzeropalace/
Thanos by CPOC and Splode: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kjndtirmdmv
Thanoseid by Rozeros and Zvitor: http://bmt.clubsyn-x-treme.net/chars-2/chars-zvitor/thanoseid/
War Machine by warmachine2k: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4jzun2hwhdg
Wolverine by ArielAlexCo: http://www.arielalexco.net/index.php
Wolverine by Sander 71113: http://sander71113.mgbr.net/
Wolverine by Vyn: http://www.freewebs.com/xvynx/mvceternityofheroes.htm
Wonderman by rozeros: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/24060279/wonderman.rar
X-Man by rehap & ComedyHaHa: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mdwejtbzqjy
Yoshi by MissingNumber: http://msspace98.webs.com/mugenrelated.htm


Aquaman v1.0 by Zvitor
Batman by Magus
Batman by Shamrock
Beast by Slotman and Acey
Invisible Woman by Angelic Charon
Lyndis (Fire Emblem) by Ambasa
Mega Man by Jin Kazama
Rogue by XCB
Shard by SS5ACE174 and Mythsoftaboo
Superboy by Slotman
Vision by Slotman
Wolvenom by DarkTalbain and Sabaki

DC Comics
Sorted alphabetically

Aquaman v1.5 by Zvitor

Atom by AngelEcks

Azrael by JasonTodd, ZVitor, and SpiderMew

Bane by Ex-Inferis and Loganir

Bane by Jmaxximus and ALEXZIQ

Batgirl by THX1138 and Zvitor

Batman by Alucard

Batman by the Infinity Mugen Team and Community

Batman by Magus

Batman by Cybaster
Batman by Shamrock
Request only

Batman by Spiderbat and ALEXZIQ

Batman Beyond by Spiderbat and ALEXZIQ

Beast Boy by Marvelvsdcu with Buyog2099

Bizarro by Kal-Elvis & Buyog

Black Adam by Doom and Trexrell

Captain Atom by Princevegeta

Captain Boomerang by JasonTodd and Susan Mugen

Captain Marvel / Shazam by Jason Todd, deanjo2000, and Devsman

Commissioner Gordon by Sean Altly and REDZ

Darkseid by Isela and Twinimage

Darkseid by spiderbat

Darkseid by Wucash

Doomsday by ALEXZIQ and Lord Sinistro

Elongated Man by Jhonny DC

Etrigan by Wucash

Firestorm by jhfer
Review: http://cvgunited.com/index.php/topic,1696.0.html

Flash by Erradicator and Black Dragon
Request only

Flash by Erradicator, Egoless, and Phantom

Green Arrow v1.0 by ZVitor

Green Arrow 2.0 by ZVitor

Green Arrow (Classic) by ZVitor and Jason Todd

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan by Buyog, Arque & Enzo

Green Lantern John Stewart by Jhonny DC

Green Lantern John Stewart by wil.li.an and ZVitor

Guy Gardner, Green Lantern by Warecus, ALEXZIQ, Jason Todd, and Erradicator

Guy Gardner, Warrior by JasonTodd and Team Spoiler

Harley Quinn By Batzarro and ALEXZIQ

Ice by Buyog, Smogon, and GMSpectre

Joker by ALEXZIQ

Joker by Larramones, Jeff & Magus
Review: http://cvgunited.com/index.php/topic,68.0.html

Joker by Ahuron and MarvelvsDCU

JSA Flash by GMSpectre and Slotman, AI by thepacifist
JSA Flash by madcook, GMSpectre, and Jason Todd

Lex Luthor by Enzo & Buyog

Lobo by Buyog

Martian Manhunter by JhonnyDC

Metallo by Doom

Mongul by Jeff & Magus

Nightwing by Mu & McCready

Parasite by Buyog and JET the PHOENIX

Plastic Man by Mambojambo

Robin by Jason Todd and ALEXZIQ

Sinestro by Larramones and Buyog

Starfire by HyperCombinationFinish

Steel by Bizarro_Toro

Superboy by Seth Zankuthen & Titan Goku

Superboy by Slotman

Supergirl by Toni

Superman by Kal Elvis and Hannibal

Ten by daraku by alexbunton87

The Question by JasonTodd, ALEXZIQ, and Team Spoiler

Vixen by Trexrell and Yin

Wildcat by JeffPR and Magus

Wonder Woman by Loganir

no not ashamed of itself..was a bit unhappy expressed.
I meant it more so that some react a bit `` sensitive '' when you ask about the age.

and the thread I opened my own because I noticed that many introduced themselves in their introductory threads with usernames and mugen experience.
or that just came up with things like: "Hello, I'm new here. I've been sitting at Mugen for 12 weeks and hope to join a nice community here," at least something like that.

I noticed relatively quickly that due to the situation that we are a very small but fine community here, a very familiar basic atmosphere prevails here and thought is just stupid if I have to write every time e.g.: hey wolverine blablabla .. if He says that many people call him cylinder in his spare time. It's just his reallife nickname and I just think it's nicer and more personal to know something about the people at the other end of the DSL line

I mean, if you regularly play online cs in the clan, for example, then at some point you will chat about something private and get to know the others.
since we are not here every 24 hours. lounging in front of the pc with a headset, I thought this would be a very cool topic to get to know the others a little better.
In addition, it is not a MUST to post here .. So if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can of course do so.
mfg alex

you don't need a separate thread for this it is completely simple, .. just pause / interrupt press the top right of the keyboard.
hope I could help

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