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New England kitchen

A culinary journey through New England cuisine

New England is a real one Paradise for connoisseurs. Even the food shows that this region is different from all other US states: finer, more exclusive, more flavorful and simply unique. If you want to experience culinary highlights, New England is definitely the place to be.

Typical New England cuisine - classics that you have to enjoy

Real classic the New England cuisine are "Clam Chowder", a creamy seafood soup, "Baked beans", a typical Puritan dish with brown beans, "Clambake", a seafood pot baked in the ground, and "New England Boiled Dinner", which is a stew with beef and vegetables. For Gourmets recommends a New England trip especially in the autumnwhen there are numerous events throughout the region, the so-called Fall food festivals occur. Many of the foods and dishes offered in restaurants come from own cultivation or local regions - whether on land or in the sea - both are the main suppliers of local food. In New England it goes without saying that goods freshly harvested or caught are served straight to the table.

Specialties for vacationers - maple syrup, beer and Co.

Of course, the New England states are for some Goodies famous, such as various seafood, game and fish, blueberries, cranberries, ice cream, maple syrup and a variety of cheese specialties. In addition, New England also reached with his Beer brewing tradition and the numerous breweries are well known. Conscious of tradition and at the same time innovative with the courage to try something extraordinary, the breweries show themselves in the production of their exclusive beers, which have long since ceased to be offered only on a national level. There is one in every New England state own beer trail, so-called "Beer Trails", where a tour makes a good excursion during a trip to New England. Each state has its own delicacies.

Try a hamburger - not FastFood, but Tratition

Connecticut, as one of the most sought-after Wine-growing areas, is known for the "Wine Trail" and the multitude of microbreweries. On the "Wine Trail", visitors can look forward to a Journey of discovery issued from a total of 19 wineries and vineyards. In the contemplative Connecticutincidentally also became the first hamburgers sold worldwide. "Louis Lunch" in New Haven is now one of the best addresses in the restaurant scene. The hamburgers served here and freshly prepared every day are by no means comparable with the products offered by some well-known fast food chains and have already been awarded by the renowned "Food & Wine Magazin".

Lobster indulgence in beautiful Maine

For Lobster fans especially Maine will be a real dream. Lobsters are in the same breath Mainecalled and are by far his best known specialty and greatest delicacy. Fresh and first-class seafood are the figurehead of the coastal state and made it famous worldwide. Lobster, the so-called lobster, is enjoyed in Maine either in a nice harbor restaurant during a dinner or quite rustic on the hand at one of the numerous "Lobster Shacks" (small food stalls), which are located directly on the sea. Excellent cuisine and numerous award-winning gourmet restaurants can be found in Portland or Ogunquit. Incidentally, Rockland is dubbed the world capital of lobster. You can then go for dessert Blueberries Maine is also well known for, after all, 99% of the United States' blueberry harvest is collected here. New England vacationers should be there "Nervous Nellie's James" Pay a visit where the delicious berries are processed into numerous delicacies, such as fresh blueberry muffins or cakes. As a souvenir, you can buy a jar of jam or blueberry chutney in your own farm shop to extend your New England holiday enjoyment at home.

Seafood and fish - a treat for the senses

Massachusetts, often referred to as the heart of New England, does not have to hide from these prospects: Here, too, there are some culinary delights lurking, like great seafood, fruity cranberries and the one and only "Boston Cream Pie". The best Oysters supposed to be in the Bostons "Union Oyster House" which incidentally is also the oldest restaurant in the states as it is already Opened in 1826 has been. This locality has another New England specialty: "Clam Chowder", the traditional shell soup. You can take a culinary journey into the past in the Plimoth Plantation open-air museum in Plymouth at a traditional "Harvest Dinner" experience. The typical "Boston Cream Pie", a lush Cake with custard and plenty of chocolate is best tasted where it was invented: namely in the "Boston's Omni Parker House Hotel".

The harvest time - pumpkins and apples in all varieties

New Hampshire is pretty traditional. But that doesn't mean that the food here isn't tasty. But on the contrary: New Hampshire has, like the other New England states, committed itself to realizing the most culinary moments of pleasure. Next to the "Brewery Trail", the "Chocolate and Martini Trails" can also be used on the "Wine and Cheese Trails" so some delicious discoveries do. New Hampshire is very well known for its Pumpkinswhich of course have high season in autumn. The popular vegetables are then presented in all imaginable variations: be it pumpkin muffins or pumpkin pie, hearty pumpkin soups or spicy pumpkin vegetables. On Self-harvest fields ("Pumpkin Patches") or Farmers markets, visitors can also stock up on all kinds of pumpkin products. While that Inner workings the pumpkins in part for that preparation of meals is used, the hollowed and sometimes bizarre decorated pumpkins are presented at community festivals on Halloween, as well as in Keene at Pumpkin Festivalwhere the pumpkin is the star of the evening. But also that Apple harvest has one in New Hampshire high priority. Next classic apple pie the popular fruit is becoming too Apple juice or tasty Cider processed.

Small with an abundance of delicacies - Rhode Island

Small and fine, that's how it can be Rhode Islanddescribe well. The Abundance of culinary delicacies however, it is by no means small, but very diverse. Just like the smallest US state itself, the local specialties are also unique. Ordinary foods get through new names a special oomph. So you get in Rhode Island instead of Milkshakes "Cabinets", Mussels are called "Quahogs" or "Steamers" and who "Stuffies" Ordered in the restaurant, got stuffed and clams au gratin. Culinary art plays an important role in the small state of Rhode Island: it takes place every year, for example "Newport Great Chowder Cook-off" instead of, a Cooking competition which is about the title "Best Chowder of the Year". In addition, the "May Breakfasts" of Late April to early May across the state. As a visitor you can and should definitely visit here once "Jonnycakes" costs. Ice cream lovers are in good hands in Tiverton in "Gray's", which offers very good homemade ice cream.

Vermont's gourmet paradise

As is well known, the best comes at the end: Vermont is secretly considered real Gourmet Eldorado. The rural state has with the "Vermont Fresh Network" created something completely unique. While most of the US for its Fast food Consciousness is known, Vermont continues to be aware against this mainstream. Instead cooperate here Farms with restaurants according to the motto "Farm to Table" and sell the regional products to the pubs, which in turn serve their guests. The idyllic Green Mountain State is world famous above all for its Ice Cream from "Ben & Jerrys". If you are traveling to New England, you should not miss a visit to the production facility in Waterbury.

Delicious cheese

But cheese lovers also come in Vermont on your costs. To the numerous Cheese specialties try a tour on the "Vermont Cheese Trail" at. The most famous cheese is the Cheddarmade by "Cabot Cheese". Another delicacy Vermont is known for is the Maple syrup. Most of the US's liquid gold is produced in Green Mountain State, making Vermont a major supplier of maple syrup to Canada. Vermont is eco-friendly through and through and fast food is frowned upon here. Vermonters are particularly proud that their capital, Montpelier, the is the only US capital that does not have a McDonald's branch. A fast food place in Burlington also had to close due to lack of demand. That alone speaks for itself. Instead, traditional restaurants are at the top of the popularity list, offering seasonal and regional dishes. A prime example of eco-awareness and sustainability is "Shelburne Farms", where hotel and restaurant guests are completely supplied by the in-house farm, bakery and cheese dairy.