What is your rating of the chemical industry


In mid-October, the EU Commission initiated a process with its chemicals strategy for sustainability that will have far-reaching consequences for the chemical industry and the users of its products and will keep the industry busy in the coming months.

With the “Green Deal”, the European Union's new growth strategy, the EU was set on a course that should make it a sustainable, climate-neutral circular economy by 2050. It also includes the goal of better protecting human health and the environment. The EU Commission attaches particular importance to the chemical industry. The EU Commission communication “Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability - For a Pollution Free Environment” states: “A higher investment and innovation capacity in the chemical industry, through which new and sustainable chemicals can be provided, will be crucial for new solutions and support both for the green as well as for the digital turn of our economy and society. "

The Association of the Chemical Industry (VCI) has now published the first assessment of the planned measures in order to give its member companies an orientation on the EU chemicals strategy. "The action plan and the preliminary definition of sustainable chemicals in the new strategy are strongly shaped by a precautionary and hazard-based regulatory desire. This could mean that entire groups of substances and substance uses could be banned from the market, regardless of whether there is actually a risk from their use. These measures should be taken are implemented, the number of chemicals available for a wide range of uses in Europe would be significantly reduced. At the same time, the effort required by companies to meet regulatory requirements would increase massively, "says the VCI assessment.

From the VCI's point of view, the high-ranking “round table” announced in the strategy is therefore particularly important. According to the EU Commission, this should determine how the chemicals legislation can be made more efficient and effective and what effects the measures of the chemicals strategy have.

In a web seminar on the EU chemicals strategy for sustainability on November 23, the VCI its members present the main contents of the chemicals strategy. The program can be downloaded from the link.