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Telephony, Internet, TV: which combination package is best for me?

Tips & Tricks January 8th, 2020, 11:41 am
There are numerous providers, packages and combinations. But what is best for your needs? PCtipp checks.
A single service that bundles telephoning, surfing and television in one offer can be worthwhile for the user in practice. The customer not only receives a complete overview of all his services without having to switch from provider to provider. In addition, the providers often sweeten their triple-play offers with discounts. The danger, however, lies in the detail: Because the offers sometimes have major differences in Internet speed, in the television functions (and the number of TV channels) and in the telephone flat rates. An international call that is not covered by the triple offer, for example, can quickly become extremely expensive. In this purchase advice, PCtipp compares eight major Swiss providers who offer such combination packages. We focused on three types of users, with a preference for telephony, internet or TV.

Cable or DSL / fiber optics

When it comes to the transport medium, providers basically divide themselves into two camps: while Green.ch, M-Budget, Sunrise, Swisscom, Teleboy and Wingo (M-Budget and Wingo use the Swisscom network) provide their complete packages via landline connection (DSL or fiber optics) put, put UPC and Quickline on the cable connection. Depending on the type of connection and the package purchased, this causes additional monthly provisioning fees that the operator charges the customer. It is therefore important to find out when concluding the contract whether additional fees for the cable connection (approx. 40 francs per month; usually billed via the landlord) or set-top box rental fees apply.
But things have improved a lot in the meantime: The new Connect and Happy Home offers from UPC already include connection fees and no longer have to be paid separately. With Quickline, this fee is now also part of the subscription. In terms of speed, cable connection and fiber optics are now on par. Because UPC now also offers Gbit speed - at least when downloading. When it comes to uploads, fiber optics are still ahead of the game and also reach Gbit speeds. With UPC, on the other hand, it is «only» 100 Mbit / s for upload.

How to combine

Users have to look closely and do the math in the offers. On the one hand, it is worth taking into account individual wishes when putting together, on the other hand, price transparency should always be guaranteed.
The offers at M-Budget and Wingo are kept very simple and, above all, inexpensive. Incidentally, both use the high-quality Swisscom network. While M-Budget customers can choose from two combination packages, Wingo only offers one fixed internet package. TV can be booked in addition, with the landline connection for the telephone the user cannot book a package at all, but rather calls at the offered minute rates.
Commendable: At Swisscom, UPC and, above all, Sunrise, the selection options have become leaner and more transparent. There are differences in the details (see individual tests in the next section). For the most part, Internet, TV and telephone can be selected one after the other from the three providers in a kind of step-by-step menu. The offers from Green.ch and Teleboy are just as popular. These providers also offer individual options. The strength of their offers, however, lies in the prefabricated triple-play packages, in which the customer can quickly click through the selection process.
Quickline is two-pronged, as the cable service provider not only offers ready-to-use packages but also packages that can be put together individually. However, the clarity suffers here. In the case of Quickline, it is even more difficult that the cable provider still has very poor coverage on the Swiss map. Often a top offer is advertised, but the triple play offers actually available are only displayed after entering the postcode and town.
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