In simple terms what is string theory

String theory explained simply

You've probably heard of string theory before. String theory is a relatively new theory that combines relativity and quantum mechanics. Wikipedia says:

“String theory is a collection of closely related hypothetical physical models that use so-called strings instead of elementary particles - these are objects of dimension zero - as fundamental objects with one-dimensional spatial expansion. This is in contrast to the usual models of quantum field theory, which are based on zero-dimensional particles. "

The physicist Brian Greene, whom you might know from an episode of Big Bang Theory, proves that there is also an easier way. For a Q&A from io9, he should explain string theory in 10 words. He needed 14:

"It's an attempt to unify all matter and all forces into one mathematical tapestry."

In this video he has a few more words available and it is completely sufficient to be able to explain the string theory to others during the next drink. Probably not for more. Bazinga!

This German-language clip is also dedicated to the topic and explains why the theory only works if six other dimensions are added to the four-dimensional space-time.

(via io9)

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